Interview with Dr Andrea Corn on WTTB Radio with Bob Soos


Interview with Dr Andrea Corn on WTTB Radio Local News Magazine with Bob Soos     I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Bob Soos, on WTTB (1490 am) Morning Magazine. WTTB broadcasts from Vero Beach and is heard through South Florida’s Treasure Coast. This 1 hour show hosted by Bob is a very popular morning drive- time program that covers the area’s local news as well as topical stories. This morning his listening audience learned about our parenting/youth sports book called, Raising Your Game –Over 100 Accomplished Athletes Help you Guide your Girls and Boys Through Sports.   Truly, the time flew by!n  No doubt, this interview could have gone on much longer as I was only able to give a snapshot of how the book evolved, providing a handful of the famous athletes interviewed in the book (i.e. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Bill Walton, Chipper Jones, Cliff Floyd, […]

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“You Don’t Play for the Yankees” (A Worthwhile Reminder)


If it was up to us, every youth sports parent and coach would be required to read a copy of “Raising Your Game.” Maybe someday. But for now, we applaud the organizations, leagues and parks that are taking it upon themselves to remind the adults of the right ways to behave when they are watching their kids. That’s why I was amused, but also pleased, to receive this photo from my brother Seth, whose 6-year-old son Jacob is just starting baseball in the Queens, NY area. We think the sign says it all, and says it well.   Ethan J Skolnick

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Dr Andrea Corn shares some of the benefits youth sports on Mom Talk Radio


 Andrea is a guest on this episode of Mom Talk Radio 03-23-14 Benefits of Youth Sports This week on Mom Talk Radio, Nicole Middendorf, author of Lipstick on the Piggy Bank, shares what women can do to put themselves in a better financial position. Dishing on Dinner features Dawn Cullo of who shares tips for satisfying picky eaters. Dr. Andrea Corn, author of Raising Your Game, shares some of the benefits of signing up your youngster to play youth sports. Lifestyle and trend expert, Justine Santaniello, discusses some tips for spring cleaning. Steve Biddulph, author of Raising Girls, provides some of the key difference to keep in mind when raising girls vs boys.   Ethan J Skolnick Dr Andrea Corn    

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Raising Your Game – Honored by Community School in St. Louis at Annual Wokta Book Event


 Honored by Community School in St. Louis at Annual Wokta Book Event The Community School in St. Louis, Missouri, is a part of my extended family. My father attended there, and so did I, from nursery school through my cap and gown graduation in sixth grade. I considered it a great honor to be invited back last month – as part of the Wokta Book Event — to speak to parents about something else which makes me proud, “Raising Your Game.” The Wotka Book Talk at Community School is an annual book discussion group led by the school’s two division directors. The books selected for this event always focus on parenting strategies for elementary school age children. All parents at Community are invited to attend. It turned out to be an unforgettable treat.  While Ethan could be not there in person – because he was covering the Miami Heat in […]

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LeBron’s Instagram – his words tell a powerful story

andrea lebron

On Thursday morning, LeBron James sent a powerful message on his Instagram, one that may speak to many on its own, but one that can also be the source of further introspection and instruction.  Naturally, his backhanded praise of his father says a great deal about how he views the difficult events of his life, from childhood to manhood. He speaks of “you not being there” being part of his fuel, and helping to make him “who I am today.” It shows how the feelings of loss and rejection have followed him, even as he’s become one of the world’s pre-eminent sports stars. For many, such an adverse childhood, growing up without a father, bouncing from place to place, would have been impossible to overcome. It is a credit not only to his character, but also to those around him, that he has. LeBron has repeatedly praised his mother for […]

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