Sharing the Journey of Raising Your Game with APA Annual Convention Washington


Sharing the Journey of Raising Your Game From August 6th to August 10th, Washington DC was the site of the 122nd American Psychological Association’s  (APA) Annual Convention.   This yearly Convention brings together psychologists representing every career persuasions- from  Individual, school, community mental health, military, hospital-based, independent practice, just to name a select few.  This year upwards of 12,000 psychologists assembled to hear presentations on a vast array of subjects as well as areas of interest.  Presently, there are 56 Divisions (The first one, #1, labeled General and the latest Division, #56 Trauma).  The numbers only represent the order in which each Division was created and accepted. Last Winter our proposal about our book, Raising Your Game – Over 100 Accomplished Athletes Help You Guide Your Girls and Boys Through Sports was accepted. This was an exciting honor and I had the privilege of sharing the journey starting with our book’s […]

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LeBron James Paying His Own Mentoring Forward To Ohio’s Youth


LeBron James, as the world knows by now, is gone from the Miami Heat, deciding to return to his Ohio roots full-time, to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. And while there were likely basketball-related reasons beyond what he stated in his essay in Sports Illustrated, many of the messages in that piece should resonate for parents, coaches and anyone else who isn’t aware of the profound effect they can have on a child’s life. During an interview for our book, Raising Your Game, James spoke of the role that mentoring had in his life. “Looking back on my situation, I was very blessed I was able to have guys like Dru Joyce and Frank Walker, Sr., to be my youth coaches,” James said. “Not only did they teach us about sports, they taught us about being young men and having responsibilities and things like that.” That’s something that he has often spoken of […]

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Wimbledon, World Cup Display Sportsmanship on the Biggest Stages

We hear plenty about the bad sports, the poor role models, the athletes who fail to act, on or off the field of play, the way they should. And then there are long weekends like this past one, when, in two of the world’s grand events, athletes conduct themselves with the sort of class you can teach your children to emulate. The first came Friday, in the World Cup quarterfinals, after the host country of Brazil beat their South American rivals from Colombia, 2-1. Colombia’s breakout star, James Rodriguez, had scored his sixth goal of the World Cup, but it hadn’t been enough. Now he was breaking down emotionally. That’s when Brazil’s two goal-scorers in the match, Dani Alves and David Luiz, showed how much they respected Rodriguez as a competitor. Alves touched his face, then patted his chest, while consoling him. Luiz stood on Rodriguez’s left, clapping above his […]

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ABC News Quotes Dr. Andrea Corn

ABC News Quotes Dr. Andrea Corn Here is a great article by ABC News concerning an issue on the rise in which I am quoted in. Wimbledon Toilet Breaks: Got to Go or a Ruse? Jul 4, 2014, 3:01 PM ET By SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES via GOOD MORNING AMERICA With the men’s tennis semifinals in full swing at Wimbledon earlier today, some contentious eyes might have been focused on the controversial bathroom break. Do top players like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal really need to pee that often? The New York Times describes one scenario that has drawn attention: Rafael Nadal was losing the first set against Mikhail Kukushkin when, after a bathroom break, he won the next three sets. “I needed to go to the bathroom; that’s all,” said Nadal, according to the Times. “I bring my T-shirt and my bandanna to change that there because I had to go to the bathroom. Not […]

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Udonis Haslem shows he understands spirit of youth sports

Udonis Haslem

Udonis Haslem is one of the NBA’s true tough guys. He’s said that the only person he fears on the court is himself, and what he might do if someone on the other side pushes him — or one of his teammates — too far. But the three-time champion, who is chasing a third title with the Miami Heat, also has a soft side. The father of three boys demonstrated that last week, after watching one of his sons lose a close baseball game in a youth “World Series.” “The kids were a little down, so I had to pick them up,” Haslem said. And, so this happened…. Click for VIDEO   As Haslem explained on his Instagram account, “The things we do as parents to put a smile on our kids faces.” Not only is that what parents should do, but it also shows how supportive mentoring can be […]

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