Failure: It hurts to lose


It hurts to lose, especially when victory is in sight. One reason why sporting events are so captivating is that the outcome is never guaranteed. This was certainly the case a couple of weeks ago, when golf phenom Jordan Spieth squandered a five-stroke lead in The Masters. Birdies became bogeys […]

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Why Sportsmanship Starts With You For Your Kids


The qualities of good sportsmanship – honesty, dependability, showing respect for teammates and opponents – all take time to learn. But the training can start early. Kids typically begin participating in organized sports at five or six years old, and soon come to learn that all sports, whether team or […]

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Parental Behavior


During the research for our book, Raising Your Game – Over 100 Accomplished Athletes Help You Guide Your Girls and Boys Through Sports, we encountered athlete after athlete — more than we expected — who cited poor parental behavior as the primary problem in youth sports today. It has gotten […]

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Childhood Obesity remains a serious health concern. According to the Centers for Disease Control, rates remain constant around 17 percent for preschoolers to high school age students.  This roughly translates into 12.7 million overweight young people. In our book, Raising Your Game – Over 100 Accomplished Adults Help You Guide Your Girls and […]

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