Distinctly Different QB’s will be showcased in Super Bowl 50

Football in the spotlight

On Sunday, Feb 7, 2016, America’s most popular sport will be in the spotlight, with everything that occurs taking on exaggerated significance. That is especially true when it comes to its most prestigious position. This time around, the opposing quarterbacks couldn’t play, or carry themselves, any more differently. We are […]

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how do you encourage a child to adjust

Change can be hard.  And, it can be frustrating, upsetting, and disappointing when your child is asked to play a skill position different than what he or she wants and enjoys.  Yet, learning to be adaptable is essential.  Flexibility encompasses being able to develop a mental and emotional outlook that […]

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should coaches include everyone

The title Inclusion was specifically chosen because parents and coaches have the power to create an enjoyable or unfortunate experience in youth sports.   Youth sport participation begins by making it fun, nurturing potential and pleasure, and treating all children with patience and understanding regardless of their ability.  The beginning years […]

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how can you reduce the risk of concussions

In recent years, there’s been increasing attention about the extreme long-term damage caused by repeated, fierce helmet-to-helmet collisions in football. That attention has included the release of Jeanne Marie Laskas’ book called Concussion and, now, of a movie with that same name. The film, which stars Will Smith, focuses on […]

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Hello everyone, Just wanted to let you know that WPBT2 is beginning to air our Raising Your Game series again.  First episode premiered yesterday.   Stay tuned for them over the next little while. Here is the press release made by WPBT2 about our series! WBPT2, South Florida PBS, has […]

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