Recap of the Hometown Authors Event

three authors hometwon event

On Saturday, May 7th, the Lighthouse Point Friends of the Library hosted a Local Author’s forum.  Nina Romano, author of The Secret Language of Women (the first book in her Wayfarer’s Trilogy), T. Mara Jaraek, Author of A Supersleuth is Born, and myself were selected among other worthy candidates as […]

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Trust – from youth sports to the professionals


Learning to trust yourself, your coaches and your teammates matters whether you are in youth sports or years later playing professionally.  It is an essential and enduring part of an athlete’s development. This process includes developing a belief in one’s own capability, even while understanding that on some days, some […]

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Failure: It hurts to lose


    It hurts to lose, especially when victory is in sight. One reason why sporting events are so captivating is that the outcome is never guaranteed. This was certainly the case a couple of weeks ago, when golf phenom Jordan Spieth squandered a five-stroke lead in The Masters. Birdies […]

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Why Sportsmanship Starts With You For Your Kids


The qualities of good sportsmanship – honesty, dependability, showing respect for teammates and opponents – all take time to learn. But the training can start early. Kids typically begin participating in organized sports at five or six years old, and soon come to learn that all sports, whether team or […]

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