How can you build self-esteem?

Children are taught to believe in themselves. This is a process that evolves over time and cannot happen without having your dependable and reliable presence. In youth sports, parents and coaches play a similar role, guiding a child to believe in his or her athletic abilities, gaining that’s child’s trust, […]

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How to get your child to be a good sport?


The early years of youth sport participation are founded on having fun, learning the sport’s fundamentals skills, being respectful to teammates, opponents, coaches, and above all, playing by the rules. If these tenets are followed, then young athletes can more easily put winning and losing in its proper perspective. One […]

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Lebron James’s performances in Games 5 &6 Masterpieces!


If Lebron James’s performances in Game 5 and Game 6 of the NBA Finals could be captured on canvas, they would be regarded as masterpieces.   After scoring collective 82 points total (41 per game) in these intense, championship battles elevates LeBron into the rarefied and elite NBA company of Michael […]

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